Monday, February 6, 2012

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin has made a career, unlike most of which began at a young age. When he knew that a pop band, he wanted was his, there was no hesitation on his quest. The book is a journey, far beyond the expectations of the birth of a boy and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The family was an environment where there is time in the deep background of what is attracting more home-like, but often keep him at bay.

This is not a biography cry-me-a-river, where the theme "life was so terrible, I want my readers to confront the mess of life with compassion on my way." And "the most interesting biography that in all its ups and downs, we would look at the sunny side of everything that has happened. Martin commitment to volunteer some of his moments of distinctiveness. When first-hand, given the situation in which children live, his own research was conducted to find out why and how to best help.

Her spirit is clearly visible in his writings and interviews. It is a soft-spoken man who must be the knowledge of things in. The book is written with a part number of negative points, but his words, he finds reasons to move forward in a positive light. Chances are, it seems a bit "guarded, but it's not a book reveals everything about the people and the ones you're wrong, you hate each other. He removed the names of innocent children and parents those who at one time or another crossed to take protected with him.

Frankly, I'm tired of "life gave me a lemon" history "now I want to respond to" book. I know I love music from artists who do not smoke in the alley or shooter elite drug overdose, because that's what rock stars to come. I want to live an artist can cause pain, joy and life through the text with a high quality of music to make me sit and note, can be expressed. Ricky offers the reader a story about how he was beaten and eventually took this message to his fans.

His partner staff is exactly and only because he is famous does not mean that you should make this part of himself to the public. The concept is sad that the first question, he thought it best to steer the conversation away from the answer. This shows how we're still small steps. The fans still love it or hate it depending on who is sleeping. No matter how many different versions of "Glee" exist or how many days of talk show hosts live an alternative lifestyle, the star up-and-forth will never let their fans for the truth about their sexual preferences.

The pages are full of his life through his eyes and how they felt and dealt with a variety of conditions. I've never been a big fan of Menudo, Ricky Martin, but was replaced as Ricky Melendez in 1984, does not deny its appeal. He tells how he was one of the members who were in different languages ​​and was often used to interpret, in interviews with the rest of the band. It was another exhausting burden that would have been called, day or night, even after he finished his own, and conducted interviews, the interpreter would. Most real hurry every ounce of it at a very young age. The fact that she was so close to his family, but it was far miles every day was a difficult experience. Love to Run certainly influenced his decision at some point to finish and go home.

Over the years, should be monitored, the style in which he wrote, "Me", but do not be deterred from raising a copy, because it fills the pages of his honest life.


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