Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nelson Mandela : Prison Notes

Long Walk to Freedom is the best-selling autobiography internationally Nelson Mandela, the Nobel Peace Prize. Also known affectionately as Madiba, the first democratically elected post-apartheid South (1994-1999) is known. He has over 67 years of his life to serving his community, his country and the world at large. At least 27 of those years spent in prisons in South Africa and locked, including stamps of Iceland out of prison in Cape Town.

In summary, the book is a story of endurance, stamina and redemption. The first parts of the book have been codified in the writing of Mandela on Robben Iceland. When the authorities discovered that the copy of his manuscript - were confiscated and destroyed. But the ingenuity of another Mandela, Mac Maharaj and Chiba ISU, the original manuscripts are well hidden. Maharaj manuscripts out of prison when he completed his 10 years in prison.

The other parts were ghost written by Richard Stengel (world famous journalist and editor) with the help of a cohort of African National Congress (ANC) said that the leader, writers and activists. Mandela pays tribute to Ahmed Kathrada special (friend, fellow prisoners and other ANC) for long hours, to verify, correct and accurate history. Although the book is a collective work, written over a period of 30 years, manages to reveal the humanity of Mandela. The voice and style of Mandela shines through the 751 pages of the book.

The long road to freedom is a collection of interesting notes from prison Mandela, diaries, stories, places and events that characterize them. Recreates the drama of the decisions of the inadequate state of apartheid policies, the resistance of the people, and the birth of the mission of the ANC in exile, among others. However, the story is beautiful, without telling a bit of value. He speaks of his birth, the beginning of political awareness, education, activism, imprisonment and, of course, the final victory - in 1994, all race democratic elections in South Africa.

This book is a work of literature and an important historical document. Try and get to portray the opening of Mandela, vulnerability, fears, hopes, and so visionary. Follow the path of Mandela's life (his words), sheds new light on the man and be the new South Africa in 1994. It vividly captures the dark period in the history of apartheid in South Africa and Mandela in prison season of the infamous Robben Iceland. It also covers the growing pains of transition, including when a wave of political violence in 1990 after Mandela's release from prison. In an authentic voice of Madiba, the slippery slope of talks and negotiations. Finally, it emphasizes the triumph of a people and the arrival of democracy in South Africa.

Although the focus of the book is Mandela, but also contains a brief history of the party in power in South Africa, the ANC, the previous government continued to search for the policy of apartheid (1948-1994) and the pressure of the international community that the bear was for his release.

Today Mandela is an international symbol for his exemplary leadership, through its policy of reconciliation, humanitarian work and HIV / AIDS in person. In recognition of his exceptional qualities, UN said (on November 11, 2009) Mandela's birthday, July 18 as International Day of Nelson Mandela. Experts say more than a celebration of the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, but a global movement for the work of his life in a new century and change our world forever.

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