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John Petrucci

John Petrucci is best known as guitarist and co-founder of Dream Theater progressive metal band announced. He is also the tire manufacturer and the main lyricist and an original member of the acclaimed Liquid Tension Experiment with Tony Levin. John is a veteran of the famous G3 tour with Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson and Paul Gilbert.

John Peter Petrucci was born July 12, 1967, grew up in Kings Park, New York, a small suburb of Long Iceland. John began playing guitar at the age of 12 and soon realized that his music passion and consumption of the pursuit of excellence on his instrument, he worked for the next year. To do this we must understand at least 6 hours per day, in an effort to work and technical skills as a guitarist for advocacy. Some of his early influences include Steve Morse, Al Di Meola, Steve Howe, Allan Holdsworth, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Randy Rhoads, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Alex Lifeson, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rush, Yes, Iron Maiden, Metallica and the remains of. At the age of 18 years after graduating from high school, went to Berklee College of Music in Boston with his partner / bassist John Myung, where he was mortally wounded drummer Mike Portnoy and quickly formed the nucleus of what later will be Dream Theater.

John traveled with his band on a musical journey of great success with covers of gold and platinum CD and DVD (see "Discography") and extensive touring the world (see "Tourist Information") to take. He was in several major prizes in guitar publications worldwide number, including the 2007 "Guitarist of the Year" by readers as the Total Guitar magazine and "Best Metal Guitarist" in 2010 Readers' Choice Awards in the survey of Guitar Player magazine names van. More recently, John was named "Best Metal Guitarist" in the election of the new Guitar Player awards in 2011 and one of the greatest metal guitarists of 20 never in a poll conducted by Total Guitar 2011th

John met his wife Rena Sands in 1989 and later the two married in September 1993. Rena was the guitarist and founding member of the Mean Streak all-female metal band. Rena continues a career as a guitarist in his company Mixxed banda, who plays regularly seen in New York / East Coast region can be.

In 1995 he released his first instructional video called John "Rock Discipline" and was also a columnist for the Post in the magazine Guitar World "Stringdom Wild" series. A book with the same name to be published later seen as a collection of lessons from the magazine.

In 1998 and 1999, John released "Liquid Tension Experiment" and "Liquid Tension Experiment 2" in each case, together with his bandmate Mike Portnoy and DT Jordan Rudess and the inimitable Tony Levin on bass. Both albums show to pay tribute not only pleasing and side projects, but also are a favorite among fans around the world.

The year 2000 saw the opening of John's record company, Sound Mind Music. Founded and led by his wife, Rena, is the first release was "An Evening With John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess," beep-instrumental live concert of Latin / jazz improvisation for guitar and piano. The concert was recorded in June of that year at the Helen Hayes Performing Arts Center in Nyack, New York.

In 2001, John joined the race in the American popular G3 tour with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai has performed in a trio with DT bandmate Mike Portnoy on drums and bassist Dave LaRue stool / Steve Morse Band fame . John then use their legs in Mexico and Japan with Joe and Steve ("G3 Live in Tokyo" was published in 2005) South America with Joe and Eric Johnson, Australia, with Joe and Steve, and climate in North America continued in 2007, Joe and Paul Gilbert.

In 2005 John and his first title awaited solo album "Suspended Animation" Sound Mind label. The self-produced album of instrumental music of all these LaRue on bass and Dave Dave DiCenso on drums. Green, drummer and remixer Tony Rose also contributed to the CD and can be heard on "Tunnel Vision" song. The album was mixed by longtime friend and producer DT / mixing engineer Kevin Shirley. Many of the songs John debuted live during the tour with G3 then most of the CD.

John is a time for Ernie Ball / Music Man driver, the proud 6 and 7 string guitar model of the firm with the name "John Petrucci BFR". He is also a passionate and loyal user / fan of Mesa Boogie amps and a devoted DiMarzio and Dunlop endorser (see "Card"). You can catch John regularly doing clinics and master classes from Ernie Ball and Mesa Boogie in different places around the world (see "clinics").

Long John lives in Iceland with his wife Rena and their three children, Samantha, Reny and Kiara and two cats named Miss E., and E. Cupcake. He loves to spend her free time she likes to eat with his family, watching movies, skiing holidays and home improvements to do. John is also a fan of bodybuilding and dedicates much of his free time working with weights. He is a voting member of Nara.


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