Thursday, February 16, 2012

David Beckham

David Beckham is one of the most iconic athletes from Great Britain, whose brand is also an elite global advertising. It was captain of the England national 2000 to 2006, has scored in three different FIFA World Cups, and played midfield for clubs in Manchester, England, Madrid, Spain and Milan, in Italy, but won the MLS Cup also played for Los Angeles Galaxy in 2011.

David Robert Joseph Beckham was May 2, 1975, in Leytonstone, East London, England, the son of Ted Beckham, a kitchen fitter and Sandra West, a hairdresser, was born. Beckham's maternal grandfather was a Jew, and talked about religion as an influence, but has a tattoo in Hebrew "Song of Solomon" in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) written, although it is unclear that the practice of Judaism or other faiths. Beckham has always played with long sleeves to cover her tattoos can be considerate of others who do not feel well because of their faith.

He was raised by his parents, supporters of Manchester United visit the Bobby Charlton soccer school in Manchester and earned a spot in a training session at FC Barcelona as a child. In 1986 he was a mascot for Manchester United in a match against West Ham United. From 1992 - 2003 Beckham almost 400 games for Manchester United and scored 85 goals, although his record has only 62 goals in 265 official matches of the senior team. In 1998 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers played all England and has achieved some important victories. He got a red card for violent conduct in England against Argentina, but his opponent was to later try to send Beckham off-react to their contact to call during the game and the referee to send Beckham. He was eliminated after losing the game in England, Beckham was made a scapegoat and became the target of criticism and abuse in the media.

He had a good season in 1999 - 2000 and helped Manchester United win the Premier League. At that time he married singer Victoria Beckham (née Adams) in the popular music group the Spice Girls, and the couple had their first child was born in Brooklyn, 1999. In the same year Beckham was given permission to miss training, so that his son Brooklyn, which the guarantee of a stomach infection immediate delivery. Meanwhile, the operator sets the Manchester United, Alex Ferguson, Beckham £ 50,000 ($ 80,000 then) the maximum amount for the care of the child with her sick child leave, while his wife was discovered in an event of London Fashion Week the same evening. Ferguson's claim that Beckham should be able to train as his wife stayed home that day, led to a serious physical tension between two men. In February 2003, after the defeat against Arsenal, Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson entered the cabin and started a football boot which hit Beckham above the eye, creating a cutting-points.

David Beckham was a good shot and a major attraction for the public. The field has a proven ability to stay for a larger image, even under heavy pressure during the Games, and more rapidly changing and unpredictable to be seen. His vision of the field is remarkable, giving you much help in creating a number of important matches. Strong Beckham is efficient, since his extradition to the right and his free throws. His exceptional performance in the midfield position requires more endurance during the game. "David Beckham's right foot" was mentioned, although humorously, as a British national heritage, just like the actual movie (2003).

He signed a four year contract with Real Madrid, from 1 July 2003 and is worth a potential $ 40 million. In Madrid, Beckham was not allowed to wear his favorite number seven, because another player had a right to their written agreement. Beckham decided to wear the number 23, however, that a big fan of Michael Jordan. It was immediately popular with the fans of Real Madrid but the team did well enough to both the Spanish League and Champions League win. But Beckham remained a reliable scorer and his performances have been more attention to the public. His merchandising shirt sales and other operations remained profitable for the club after a poor performance, regardless of the expectations of senior management of the Real.

In 2005 Beckham was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. E 'was also involved in promoting successful bid for the London Olympics 2012th his third season in Madrid was normal and he was much criticized, especially since the team took second place in Barcelona in Spanish "La Liga" and lost with Arsenal in the Champions League in Europe. But during this season, expanding its international presence by establishing football academies in Los Angeles and East London. During the 2006 FIFA World Cup has played for England, and became the first English player to score in three world championships. In the quarter-final match against Portugal, Beckham was replaced because of his injury in the middle of the game. Without him the English team lost and was eliminated in the World Cup.

In June 2007 Beckham played his last game for Real Madrid, winning a medal and celebrating with his friends Tom and Katie Cruse, who participated in the game. This was his fourth season, and last, ending his contract with the club. He announced that he was a five year contract to play LA Galaxy on July 1, 2007 was signed before June 2012. The agreement includes five years to $ 10 million annually in direct wages could, and with the support of marketing and profit sharing Beckham earns up to $ 50 million per year, and by the end of May, a value of 250000 $ 000 in five year, making it one of the athletes who deserve the greatest of all time.

In 2009, in a timeshare contract only David played on loan at AC Milan to stay in shape after the end of the season with the Galaxy. He stayed in Milan five months, from January to May 2009. Play in 2010, also prepared on a second loan period at AC Milan from the Galaxy to Milan to begin five months. He said he "really enjoyed playing for Milan."

In 2011, after winning its first MLS Cup, five-year contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy is over. At that time, Beckham invited to play for Paris Saint-Germain. But the 36-year-old said: "My family and I are very happy and settled in America and we look forward to many years here ... I'm still excited about playing in America and win trophies the Milky Way," which, after signing the contract for two years with the club in Los Angeles.

Beckham jersey No. 23 is sold in the MLS and one of the best in the world as he builds his reputation as one of the main icons of the sport. Despite playing their best at the right of midfield, Beckham could be dangerous in a part of the field and can make a difference in a great game with a pass, a cross or a free throw to make. While no one can compete in the game, the precision of the punishment of Beckham, and you can ball on the head of a teammate with remarkable accuracy. Remains a major player, regardless of age.

The Beckhams, who have become known as "Posh and Becks", have three sons: Brooklyn Joseph Beckham (born 1999), Romeo James Beckham (born 2002) and Cruz David Beckham (born 2005), which was named "Cruz" in honor of his friend Tom Cruise.


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