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GIGI band was formed in Bandung, West Java, March 22, 1994. The group carries the kind of pop and rock music was originally fronted by Armand Maulana, Aria Baron, Thomas Ramdhan, Ronald Fristianto, and god Budjana.

In the course of doing business in Indonesia pop music scene, Gigi has undergone several personnel changes. Gigi current formation consists of, Armand Maulana, Dewa Budjana, Thomas Ramdhan, and Gusti Hendy.

Gigi Group Band officially formed on March 22, 1994. The band initially consisted of Group Armand Maulana (vocals), Thomas Ramdhan (bassist), Dewa Budjana (guitarist), Ronald Fristianto (drummer), and Baron Arafat (guitarist). The name "Gigi" itself comes after the hearty laugh personnel commented on the name "Orangutan" which almost made ​​the band's name. With background music of different backgrounds, they combine it into a music that became the hallmark of Dentistry. Debut album is entitled "The dream is" thrown into the market with support from the Union Artist / Musica.

At that time Gigi have not yet formed a management company to manage their activities so as to promote the debut album, they released two singles that were once the video clip, which I Want and Angan. But the mainstay of both songs are not much boost sales figures. Lack of promotion and lack of management of management becomes the main cause of the failure of the first album of this music group. Eventually they formed Gigi Management so that they become more professional. The second album "The World" was a success in the market.

By relying on first flagship song "Angan", which sold about 400,000 copymusisi famous, local and world, Among others, Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big), which contributes a great play bass on their songs (Cry Baby), and Indra also contributed to the song "Tractor". Mainstay song "Kurindukan" was less response from the community

The second mainstay video for "Nirwana" was made in the absence of Baron. In September 1995, the Baron is officially out of the band Gigi Group. Then followed the release of Ronald Thomas and the month of November 1996. Finally Gigi Group Band only were alone but still trying to survive and recruit OPET Alatas (bassist) and drummer Haryono Budhy). This new lineup gives new color to the Gigi. In 1997 they released the fourth album by holding a number of themed 2x2

Meanwhile, Thomas is just out of rehab wrote back to Jakarta to start playing music again. Thomas even make a surprise when a guest at the concert Gigi "One Hour With Gigi" and Gigi concert in Bandung. At the concert he played in the song "Janji" and "Angan". In concert, they seemed to reminisce with Thomas. That special anymore, they ngebawain one song that pretty rare dibawain, namely desire. On March 22, 1999 Thomas finally enter (again) to the Group Gigi music. Shortly after it released the sixth album Gigi whose theme is "Good" in April 1999. His first song is a mainstay "Hinakah"


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