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Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Hideyoshi Toyotomi, or Toyotomi Hideyoshi (note: The Japanese write the family name first, then first name / his own name, as well as Chinese and Korean, but by Westerners tend to be changed: the new kid name surname), is a very influential in Japan's history, he even mentioned as someone who succeeded in unifying Japan in the late 16th century (1590an), after 2 centuries is more fragmented in the Japanese civil war (Sengoku Jidai).

Hideyoshi, was born in the province of Owari as a young samurai farmers (at that time, farmers were still often take part in the war) are due to injuries during the war, his father could no longer support his family. Therefore, childhood Hideyoshi (who supposedly called his childhood Hiyoshi / Hiyoshimaru, novel Taiko, Eiji Yoshikawa) is full of suffering. Moreover, it is said Hiyoshi was a very naughty boy and his family are often troublesome.

At one point, because of mischievousness, he was sent to serve to a Buddhist temple, but also because of mischievousness, he was finally expelled from the temple. Then he wandered down to the Imagawa clan, and because of the kindness of a Matsushita Yukitsuna he served in the clan, and given the name of Kinoshita Tokichiro.

Then in 1557 he returned to Owari and serve the Oda Nobunaga, who was still very young when the Oda clan had inherited from his father who died in the war; Oda Nobuhide. Back then, Kinoshita was appointed as a carrier sandals Tokichiro Oda Nobunaga.

In 1560, Tokichiro Okehazama fought in the war, and in 1564 he got the name of Hideyoshi for its success in influencing some of the generals supporting Saito Dousan to side with Oda Nobunaga. And thanks to Hideyoshi in 1567, the Klan's Castle Inabayama Dousan could also be easily disabled (by way of Hideyoshi and some people slipped through the streets behind the castle, then create chaos in the castle which makes their defense was a mess). Upon obtaining such services Hideyoshi Hashiba surname, so when it's full name is Hashiba Hideyoshi.

Slowly and convincing, Hideyoshi succeeded in winning many battles, and his rank is initially only carrier sandals, then became an officer with little men, finally getting the full confidence of Oda Nobunaga to supervise more than 15,000 troops, and with the success of expanding the clan's territory Oda.

On June 20, 1580, Oda Nobunaga was killed by the treachery of his own men; Akechi Mitsuhide, in Honnoji (Honno Shrine) in Tokyo. Later, Hideyoshi and Nobunaga's oldest son, Nobutada, led the troops to quell Akechi Mitsuhide, and won the battle Yamazaki.

Later, Hideyoshi led the Oda clan heritage and continue its expansion to master Japanese.

In 1585, the official Hideyoshi unify Japan under their authority. He then asked for the title Shogun to the Emperor, but since he's only descendant of farmers, then permintaanya rejected. But instead, he lifted himself into Kampaku. Then Hideyoshi Toyotomi clan takes its name from the Emperor, and in the year 1586.

In 1592 Hideyoshi Kampaku resigned, and became a taiko (a kind of officials who retired, but still served as a sort of adviser), and raised his nephew, Hidetsugu as Kampaku.

One of the adage that Hideyoshi once said "The most interesting part of a success rather than when success had been achieved, but when we are struggling to achieve it". And maybe that's why, after successfully unite Japan under his reign, he had bigger ambitions.

Hideyoshi intended to invade China, but Korea refused to give way to the Japanese troops to pass through the area. Finally in 1591 he invaded Korea, and successfully occupied Seoul. But then Admiral Yi Sun-sin fought back the Japanese ships, aided by Chinese troops (then in the Ming Dynasty anticipates the command) so that the Japanese forces ran out of supplies. Then in 1593 the Japanese forces retreated.

For the second time in 1597, Hideyoshi invaded Korea tried, but failed miserably.

Hideyoshi finally died in 1598, leaving his son, Hideyori who were aged 6 / 7 years.

In 1600, Tokugawa Ieyasu rebelled, and managed to gain power after winning the battle of Sekigahara.

Hideyori is trying to rebuild his army at Osaka castle, eventually was crushed and commit seppuku in 1615.

In the end, Hideyoshi is not a good person. Even he could say evil. He has killed thousands of Japanese and Korean people, possibly up to hundreds of thousands.

Hideyoshi also known as a very ugly, small body, a pointed face and large eyes, even by Oda Nobunaga he was often called Monkey.

He also likes to play a woman, and very fond of liquor (sake).

But he's also a great, subtle, persistent, and determined to steel.

He was born a poor farm boy and suffering, but he died as one who has the supreme authority in Japan. In fact, at that time, a farmer is not likely to become an official (Samurai). Not surprisingly, by people who do not like it, Hideyoshi and his followers referred to as ROUNIN.

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