Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tom DeLonge

Thomas Matthew DeLonge, Jr, often called Tom DeLonge was born in Poway, California 13 December 1975 was one of the former Blink 182 personnel. Tom is a vocalist and gutarist in the Blink 182, now after the breakup of Blink 182's he joined Angels & Airwaves. Once when he was with Blink 182, Tom and Travis created a group Emo band "Box Car Racer" in 2002 who issued a self-title album.

A Journey's with Blink 182 began when he was a student at Rancho Bernardo High School who later met with Anne Hoppus, Mark Hoppus sisters that will be introduced him with Mark Hoppus. In 1992 Tom met with Scott Raynor (as drummer), along with Mark and Scott finally they made a band called Blink, before eventually becoming renamed Blink 182. Travis Scott is reportedly replacing alcohol and drug addiction on the album Enema of the State.

After working 8 albums with Blink 182 and the last issue Blink 182 Greatest Hits finally disbanded. Tom then joined with David Kennedy, Adam "Atom" Willard, and Matt Wachter to form a band called Angels & Airwaves. . On their way they bassist Matt Wachter (former personnel 30 Seconds to Mars) left the band, then he was replaced by Ryan Sinn in May 2007.

In 2008 AVA has issued two albums, the first album is We Do not Need to Whisper (2006) and I-Empire (2007). By joining AVA Tom seems to be more experimenting with his music is very different from when he was in Blink 182. In the Blink 182 music played homage to punk average, while the AVA touch a variety of instruments and guitars from Tom et al make the music more rather slow compared with Blink 182.


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