Friday, November 4, 2011

Super Junior

Korean fever continues. Apart from its popular Korean drama fans, various kinds of Korean musical entertainment became more popular among the people, especially young people today. If it is the famous girlband Girls' Generation SNSD, the most popular Korean boy band today is Super Junior (슈퍼 주니어). Yes, the thirteen-member boy band cool and handsome guy has been able to conjure the penggmarnya, not only in Korea but also in the world. SuJu songs are also included in the most popular songs in korea. By nature an energetic song and they look cool, then the band would not be surprised if this one is very popular and her albums including the best seller.

Super Junior's debut album is SuperJunior05 (TWINS), which was released in 2005. In 2010, the boyband are only 10 active members, 3 of whom are Hangeng, who have a legal problem with SM Entertainment, so he came out of Super Junior, Kangin left the group temporarily to perform military service, and Kibum who resigned because he wanted to focus on art career role. For fans of Super Junior, or commonly called as ELF (Ever-Lasting Friends)

This is the Super Junior personnel :

1. Park JungSoo – LeeTeuk super junior
2. Shin Dong Hee – ShinDong super junior
3. Lee DongHae – DongHae super junior
4. Choi Siwon – Siwon super junior
5. Lee HyukJae – EunHyuk Super junior
6. Lee Sungmin – SungMin super junior
7. Kim HeeChul – HeeChul super junior
8. Kim RyeoWook – Ryeowook super junior
9. Kim JongWoon – Yesung super junior
10. Cho Kyuhyun – KyuHyun super junior
11. Kim Kibum – Kibum SuJu
12. Hangeng – HanKyung Super Junior
13. Kim Young Woon – KangIn Super Junior

How, cool and handsome right?, Hoho. For you fans of SuJu, yes of course want to really present his idol and concerts here, so hopefully someday be seen directly


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