Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bob Sadino

Bob Sadino (Lampung, March 9, 1933), or fondly called om Bob, is a businessman from Indonesia who do business in the field of food and livestock. He is the owner of the business network and Kemchick Kemfood. In many occasions, he was often seen using short-sleeved shirt and shorts that became his trademark.

Bob never stopped in the Netherlands and settled for approximately 9 years. There, he worked in London Lylod in the city of Amsterdam and also in Hamburg, Germany. While living in Holland, Bob met his life partner, Soelami Soejoed.

In 1967, Bob and his family returned to Indonesia. He brought along his two Mercedes, made ​​in the 1960s. One of which he sold to buy a plot of land in Kemang, South Jakarta while others still he kept. After a long stay and live in Indonesia, Bob decided to quit her job because she has the determination to work independently.

His first job after leaving the company is leasing a Mercedes car which he had, he himself became his driver. But unfortunately, when he gets a crash which resulted in his car badly damaged. Because no money to fix it, Bob switched jobs become a mason. His salary when it is only Rp.100. He also had experienced depression due to life stress they experienced.

One day, his friend Bob suggested raising chickens to fight his depression. Bob interested. When raising chickens that's emerging entrepreneurial inspiration. He watched the life of the chickens flock. He was inspired, chicken alone could fight for life, of human being can.

Bob the supermarket business is growing rapidly, reaching into agribusiness, especially horticulture, managing vegetable gardens for the consumption of foreigners in Indonesia. Therefore he also formed a partnership with farmers in some areas.

Bob believes that success is always preceded each step failures. Entrepreneurial journey is not as smooth as it seems. He and his wife often turned upside down. For him money is not the number one. The important thing is willingness, commitment, courage to find and seize opportunities.

Bob's success is inseparable from his ignorance, so he immediately jumped into the field. After ups and downs, Bob skilled and master the art. Bob the success of the process is different from the prevalence, it should start from the science, then practice, then a skilled and professional.
According to Bob, many people who started from the knowledge, thinking and acting all-powerful, arrogant, because they feel have knowledge than others.

While Bob was always flexible to the customer, listen to customer suggestions and complaints. With an attitude like that Bob won the sympathy of customers and are able to create a market. According to Bob, customer satisfaction will create self-gratification. Therefore he always tried his best to serve customers.

Bob put his company like a family. Kem Chicks All family members should respect each other, nothing major, all have a function and strength.

Source : http://kolom-biografi.blogspot.com


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